Tuesday, February 2, 2010

and so it starts . . .

well, it's 9:02 on tuesday night. i just got home from work, and am farting around on the computer. i should be packing. i have to be at the gym tomorrow morning for 7 to train doctor joe. i then have an hour to get over to see the moose for some last minute muscle tweaking before i leave. back to the gym for a couple more clients - little-short-and-cute, and mr. satin pants - and then finally home to the treehouse by hopefully 11:00. wayne's picking me up at 12:30 - SHIT! - I HAVEN'T EMAILED HIM YET! better go do that.

okay, i'm back. where was i . . . haha, georgie has already emailed me once to remind him of my flight time. ARGH! i haven't done my timesheets for this week yet! stoopid paperwork. better go do that. this is what i have set aside to pack so far . . .

OH!! before i forget, HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!! especially to moose - he LOVES groundhog day! wiarton willie DID see his shadow, so we will be blessed with 6 more weeks of winter. stoopid rodent!!

oh yaaaa! JUST as i was leaving the gym tonight i spotted one of my very favorite redheads stretching in the corner. i dashed over and insisted he give me a 'long may you run' for good luck! after looking at me a little strangely, he managed to figure out 'what' i was talking about, and give me a 'palm five' and a 'long may you run'. thanks gordo!!
alrightee, it's now 10:05 and the above picture of the pile on the table looks pretty much the same. i DID manage to shave my legs - sheeeeeeeeesh! when was the last time i did THAT???? anyways, haha, check out the cool pic the captain sent me. this was in response to me hoping to find a rich texan while in dallas . . .

and hay! before i forget - big thanks to everybody wishing me luck this weekend!! it means a lot!!! will try to add more tomorrow before i leave!

(how am i doing so far trailman?????)

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  1. I almost get the impression that the adventure may be more in the getting there, and the race an afterthought.

    Have fun, good luck and long may you run!