Wednesday, February 3, 2010


okay - got the clients trained. moose managed to unlock my pelvis a little - ow - but thanks - it feels a lot better! had a short visit with homey while he was laying on the chiro table having his calf electrocuted - mooooo - stoopid calf!! wish he was coming with !! and then back to the treehouse to load up my stuff.

hehe - just kidding! am leaving the dions at home!!! good one derrick!

so, as you can see from above pic, i'm done packing! with 40 minutes to spare! just have to shower and wait for wayne to get here. next step - the stoopid airport! i'm more freaked about that whole kerfuffle than the actual run!!

thanks again for all the hugs and 'good lucks' and 'have funs'. hopefully i'll be seeing crazy george in about 9 hours!!

'what could go wrong?'

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