Sunday, February 7, 2010

let's take the elevator

well, it's over. georgie is the true hero of the weekend. he pulled it all together and completed his first 50 miler! what a machine! as for me, i only managed 80 miles. my feet were screaming after 40, and i actually sat there for 20 minutes before heading back out. struggled through 40 more and finally decided to pull the plug. my body won out over my brain.

so we're both really stiff! but, we stuffed ourselves with mcdonalds and dairy queen today and are now watching the super bowl. will post more once i get back to canada.

am having a great time!! georgie is a blast!!!


  1. Kendra,

    Congrats on a strong effort at RR. I'm sure you learned a lot along the way that will help you so much for next time.

    Get some rest and take a few days before starting to think about what's next!