Friday, February 5, 2010

if you kill someone in texas, we kill you . . .

a few highlights so far . . .

well, we're here. we got registered and had our pasta dinner - complete with german chocolate cake! mmmmmmmm !! got together with some of georgies' friends last night at 'mexigo' restaurant and met the handsome alfonso - photo to follow!!! drove to the race start and happened to notice a sign that warned of alligators in the park. oh for god sakes???!!!! we came afraid of snakes and wild boars, and now we have to worry about fucking alligators!!! made a phone call to freddie (other half of team knucklehead) so georgie could call him a 'panty waisted, toe sucking ex-knucklehead hombre' for not showing up to run with us. oh ya, almost forgot - did some shopping at 'buc-ee's beaver on the way to huntsville!! hilarious!

so, race starts in less than 12 hours. some last minute packing for tomorrow and we're off to bed.

'what could go wrong?'

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