Saturday, September 26, 2009

dora had some 'splainin to do . . .

so i had planned on running from humber station up to the 5th today, with a side trip to the dingle (which is uphill both ways). i met up with vents at 7 and headed onto the bruce. we weren't sure where onions was, but figured he'd catch us eventually. as we were going through the haunted forest, we spotted this huge owl flying overhead and eventually landing on top of a dead tree. very cool! even sat there so i could get his pic.

i had told the pylons that i would be at cooli's by 8:20 - and i was only 15 seconds behind schedule - not bad! as cy, digger, onions and the beaver came towards me, i couldn't help but notice that 3 of them were wearing their bel monte shirts. did they call each other the night before and plan that? how cute! the grumpy little portuguese was also with them. now knowing i could never hope to keep up with their pace, i tried to explain where i had dropped water. the brains of the 3 married guys instantly focused on something else (because a female was talking), and their eyes glazed over as i gave directions. cy was the only one who seemed at all concerned. so off they went - never to be seen again! not my problem! once vents caught up and we made sure he was okay to head back by himself, me and the glp took off.

we decided to both run our own pace, and once i got her to hwy 9 (she is a little directionally challenged), we split up. as i approached the ladder at the 7th, there was a huge flock of japanese hikers coming towards me. i didn't really need water at this point, so i waited for them to pass, and made my way down the road and eventually over to the 5th. no sign of the 4 pylons. on my way back, i figured i'd better refill my camel, so i went into the parking lot where i had stashed some water the night before. there was a police car sitting there, but i thought nothing of it. as i was rummaging through the bag, i happened to look up and notice there were 2 officers staring down at me. oh oh ! i asked if i was in trouble. they asked if i had put that there, cuz apparently, someone had spotted me dropping a 'suspicious package' last night - oh ya, like i look like a terrorist in my little red mazda3 - and phoned the police. they had already gone down to 'inspect the package' and found it was just a bunch of water bottles. i asked if they'd been waiting all this time for someone to show up. they said not too long. honestly, the people who live on that road have way too much time on their hands. so we all had a good laugh over that, and i thanked them for not 'confiscating my water', and they let me take their picture! too funny!

i carried on, and to my surprise, caught up with the glp on hwy 9. she had been feeling great and decided to go a little further. good girl! we ran back to cooli's together, and after another hug, i left for my final 7km. again, no sign of the pylons. i made it back to my little red mazda with a running time of 4:17 and a total of 23.3 miles. sweet run on a sweet day!

oh yes, the remaining pylons did find the water, and did make it back to the pt cruiser. they love our trails so much that they plan on coming back up next weekend.
and so on sunday, i got this email from digger who was responding to my comment on brain-numbed men. he described what happened when they got to the parking lot where the water was. we have to imagine who was saying what.
"i think she said it was on the right hand side of the parking lot"
"didn't she say something about a tree?"
"but that's not a tree, that's more of a bush"
"there's a tree over there, but it's on the wrong side of the parking lot"
"maybe she meant the right hand side of the parking lot going in instead of coming out"
"let's check under the bush"
"nothing here, must be under the tree"
"found it!"
need i say more??

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